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Computer Crimes

Cybercrimes, also known as computer crimes or Internet crimes, are crimes that are committed primarily through the Internet. Common examples of these crimes include:

  • Computer Fraud & Abuse Act (CFAA)
  • Cyber-Stalking
  • Financial Fraud
  • Identity Theft
  • Pornography (increasingly includes teens "sexting" each other)

Cybercrimes may also include "traditional crimes" for which a computer was used. As society's reliance on Internet-connected devices increases, so too will cybercrime charges.

The Internet makes some crimes easier to investigate because there is always a digital footprint. However, it can be difficult to determine where the footprint leads. For example, a common question in cybercrime cases is not whether a specific device was used to commit a crime but, rather, whether the defendant was the person who used the device.

If you were charged with a cybercrime, speak with an attorney who understands how the Internet's strengths and weaknesses apply to the allegations in your case.

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