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Personal Injury Clients

The term ‘personal injury’ is really an ambiguous term which can be used to describe the infinite situations where an individual may suffer physical or emotional harm due to the conduct of another. As Chicago personal injury lawyers, our law practice is devoted to representing individuals and families in unfortunate circumstances where a careless act has caused significant harm. It is our business to determine the parties who may be responsible for your injury and the applicable law that applies.

Proving fault in a personal injury case against an individual or corporation

Regardless of the specific circumstance behind the accident, the law states that the injured party must prove the following or he / she is not entitled to recover any damages:

1) Duty: The person who allegedly caused the accident or harm (referred to as the ‘Defendant) had a duty to act or not act in a particular manner– and not to injure the person bringing a claim or lawsuit (referred to as the “Plaintiff”). Example- the Motor Vehicle Code of Illinois states how drivers are to operate their vehicles and who has the right of way.

2) Breach of Duty: The second hurdle a plaintiff has the burden of proving in a personal injury case is that the defendant, breached their duty– or in English, acted inappropriately. Example- In the case of a car accident, when a car runs a red light and crashes into another vehicle, the driver thereby breached their duty.

3) Causation: The final element a plaintiff must tackle in any type of personal injury or medical negligence case it to establish that their injuries were causally related to the defendant’s conduct. Example- Getting back to our trusty car accident situation, plaintiff must provide documentation that the physical injuries they sustained were attributable to the accident. If a person has an injury to their back that requires a surgery, the law puts the onus on them to illicit medical testimony that the injury and subsequent medical procedure was related to the accident. If they can not establish the causation element, there will be no recovery.

Common types of personal injury cases

As established Chicago injury attorneys, we have experience representing people who have suffered injuries of various types and due to various mechanisms. Below is a list of cases that we regularly handle.

Car Accidents

Dog Bites

Medical Negligence

Trucking Accidents

Bicycle Collisions

Motorcycle Crashes

Nursing Home Abuse

Construction Accidents

Accidents Resulting in Death

However, we also recognize there are circumstances that defy one type of category or may be due to a convergence of factors and have multiple parties whom are responsible. Regardless of your circumstance, we invite you to discuss your situation without cost or obligation on your end with one of our attorneys.

How much is your personal injury case worth?

Though the underlying explanation for the injury may differ from case to case, most victims of personal injury cases are entitled to monetary compensation (usually called damages) from the at-fault party. As lawyers for the injured, it is our responsibility to evaluate every case to determine how to present the case to an insurance company or jury in a manner that will maximize the money our client can get from the responsible part. Common types of damages associated with personal injury cases include:

Past and future medical expenses

Hospital bills


Doctor expenses

Pain and suffering

Nursing car assistance

Physical therapy

Lost wages

Funeral expenses


How much will it cost?

All of our Chicago personal injury cases are handled on a “contingency fee” basis — a legal fee is charged only if there is a recovery for the client. Our contingency fee arrangement, further protects the finances of our clients because our law office advances all litigation costs. We only recover these costs, where there is a recovery for you. If there is no recovery in a matter, our services are completely free.


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