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Sexual Abuse Victims

In recent years, the number of claims of sexual abuse has increased drastically around the country. Statistics from the Rape Abuse Incest National Network (RAINN) state that there are about 293,000 cases of sexual abuse in America each year. They also reported that 68% of these abuses are not reported to police.

Victims of sexual abuse are often afraid to accuse their attackers

Particularly in the case of children victims. That does not mean that victims cannot seek monetary compensation because they were initially too afraid to report the abuse.

J.P. Joyce & Associates offer a no-charge initial consultation to victims of sexual abuse to review their case and to let them know they have nothing to fear should they decide to proceed. Retaining a top sexual abuse lawyer in Chicago supported by an elite team of legal specialists provides a shield to sexual abuse victims who otherwise would not pursue their case.

Sexual assault can occur in many ways. Sexual assault covers more than rape which is the most commonly reported form of sexual abuse. Any unwanted touching or fondling of sexually sensitive areas of the body can be considered sexual assault. It is no protection for the assailant that the touching occurred through clothing or that the contact was done by an object. If the touching was against the will of the victim, it is sexual assault.

Consent is a pivotal issue in sexual assault cases. The defense will almost always assert that the contact was consensual or that the victim is mistaken or delusional. However, children as well as people with diminished capacity cannot give consent no matter what is implied. This includes people under the influence of drugs or alcohol as well as those who cannot understand the nature of the act.

Also, it is no defense that the victim did not verbally object.

Being victimized by someone who is supposed to care for or heal another is particularly egregious and can result in professional licenses to be cancelled, thus protecting future potential sexual abuse victims. As these cases are sensitive and emotionally upsetting, retaining a top sexual abuse lawyer will protect Chicago victims from having to deal with the very person who abused them.

Our sexual abuse lawyers help victims of sexual abuse and their families obtain the confidence to confront the responsible parties and hold them accountable for the irreparable harm caused by such predatory conduct.

If you or someone you love has been the victim of sexual abuse, you should contact a lawyer as soon as possible to protect your rights and avoid any legal limitations for filing a claim.

No matter who is accused of the abuse, whether it involves an educational or religious institution or if the abuse went unreported for several years, we can help. Top Chicago trial lawyer John Joyce stands ready to protect victims of sexual abuse.

It costs nothing to meet with our sexual abuse lawyers. There will be no fee unless we win your case.


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